This blog presents a model of the perceptive system which aims to improve our understanding of preverbal communication. This model can lead to numerous applications.

Valérie Combes Desjardins is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, working in private practice in Paris. Her sources of inspiration include the works of Donald W. Winnicott, Piera Aulagnier, Joyce MacDougall and Pascal Quignard. Her clinical practice is devoted mainly to children with autism, psychosis and serious language disorders.

During therapy with children suffering from communication disorders Ms. Desjardins experienced phenomena which had never been described before in the literature. Indeed, she observed that although the children were progressing in a remarkable way, she was unable to describe what was happening.

In 2003, she launched a research project on language precursors which eventually led to the development of a model of the construction of the perceptive system. The novelty of this approach stems from the specificity of her long clinical experience with babies. The model provides a conceptual basis to understand communication as a manner of being, not just doing.

This model of the perceptive system is a complement to classical theories. It is based on an approach that recognizes the crucial input of scientific advances in genetics and neuroscience. Indeed, only by collaborating among disciplines can we hope to help these children reach out to the world.

Research 2004 – 2008 : PILE  programme (International Programme for Child Language) Valerie Combes Desjardins initiated the PILE programme  (Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades, Paris, France)

Statistical Analysis of Mother-infant (3 to 9 months) Perceptive System Communication

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